The World Boxing Council has instituted the Life and Medical expenses insurance since 1978, which has given great support to the families of those boxing heroes who have suffered an accident inside the ring, as well as to the promoters who have suffered financial expenses while paying medical expenses of fighters.

Last week this insurance for medical expenses was used in Germany to treat Shannon Briggs, who challenged for the WBC heavyweight championship, and last month Boxeo de Gala, a Mexican promoter, received almost $75,000 dollars for medical expenses that he had paid for Edgar Sosa and Giovanni Diaz injuries in Chiapas, Mexico.

The WBC wishes to congratulate the United States Fire Insurance Company, by Fairmont Specialty, a division of Crum & Foster, as well as Gallagher Benefits, and the exemplary dedication of Laurence Cole, who, through The Cole Insurance Agency, day after day provide certificates for fights taking place all around the world.

Today we are proud to see that 100% of WBC world title fights are covered with life and medical expenses insurance, which has benefits not only for the championship fighters but to all the participants fighting on the card, and many WBC championships such as the World Youth title, World Female titles, NABF, International, Continental Americas, etc., are all insured for the main event if the fighters are competing for such WBC affiliated titles.

The WBC will review the insurance coverage and planning during its 48th Annual Convention in Cancun, hoping to bring additional benefits for the boxing world.